Benefits of DHAgold™

DHAgold, a sustainable source of DHA for animals, is an effective way to enrich foods such as meats and eggs and is a functional ingredient in animal feed, pet food, supplements and treats.

  • Sustainable, domestic supply (made in the USA)
  • Guaranteed levels of DHA omega-3 (minimum of 17%)
  • Fish-free source of DHA naturally free of ocean-borne contaminants
  • Consistent quality & price
  • Algae grown in cGMP, AIB superior, FDA-inspected facilities

DHAgold™ Product Line

    DHAgold S17-B

  • Dried, whole-cell algae containing a minimum of 17% DHA
  • Naturally preserved, Ethoxyquin free; flake-like powder
  • Excellent for companion animal food, supplements and treats

    DHAgold Original

  • Dried, whole-cell algae containing a minimum of 18% DHA
  • Synthetically preserved; flake-like powder
  • Well suited for use in aquaculture, poultry, swine and equine feed applications