DHA for Egg Enrichment

Traditionally, consumers looking to fortify their diets with additional DHA omega-3 have turned to supplements. Fortunately, there is an easier, more affordable way for consumers to increase their intake of DHA that doesn’t require taking a supplement in capsule form. DHA enriched eggs allow families to support their brain, eye and heart health by doing something they’ve always done – eating eggs!

Did you know?

  • When fed 1 g of DHAgold per day, laying hens can produce an egg with up to 150 mg of DHA omega-3! That’s the same level of DHA provided by many nutritional supplements, in just one enriched egg.
  • Hens fed DHAgold produce eggs with nearly twice as much DHA as those fed only flaxseed.


Benefits of DHAgoldTM

  • Adding DHAgold to your layers’ feed is a safe and effective way to enhance the nutritional content of the eggs they produce.
  • As a preformed source of DHA omega-3, DHAgold has a greater efficiency of incorporating DHA in eggs when compared with fish oil, fish meal and flax seed.


The life’sDHATM brand

More and more, health conscious consumers are looking for DHA in the foods they purchase, and smart consumers recognize the life’sDHA™ brand as the highest mark of quality for foods enriched with DHA. DHAgold adds tangible value to the eggs your layers produce, turning your egg into a delicious DHA enriched egg. Utilizing DHAgold to enrich your eggs gives you access to the life’sDHA™ brand for use on your egg packaging and marketing materials, adding value to your marketing efforts by communicating to consumers that your eggs contain high levels of quality, vegetarian DHA omega-3.

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Feeding DHAgold

Dietary administration of DHAgold at levels of 1% of the finished diet, fed daily for 28 days, can result in an omega-3 egg with 150 mg of DHA.

For more information on how DHAgold can enrich your eggs with DHA, contact us at animalnutrition@martek.com

DHAgoldTM for Swine

For information about DHAgold for Swine applications, please contact us animalnutrition@martek.com.