Growing demand for fish may soon outstrip supply

As the global population has swelled to nearly 7 billion people, the world’s natural resources have remained static. With global consumption increasing, the taxing of these resources is nearing a critical point, especially in our oceans. Despite the efforts of the aquaculture industry, it is estimated that the ocean’s wild catch will fail to meet the growing demand within the next quarter century. The heavy reliance on fish meal as a protein source, along with the growing popularity of fish oil supplements and the increasing fish consumption in the US, have all contributed to the likelihood of a fish shortage.

There is a pressing need for a sustainable DHA omega-3 source

A factor in the recent surge in the popularity of fish, both as a supplement and dinner staple, is the consumer recognition of the important health benefits of omega-3s. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), one of the long chain omega-3s found in fish, has been shown to support brain and eye development in infants and is important for brain, eye and heart health throughout life. Due to the uncertainty surrounding this traditional source of dietary DHA omega-3, the quest to identify a sustainable DHA alternative is underway.

The solution? DHA Omega-3 from algae!

The answer may lie in the results of research that began decades ago. That’s when scientists, studying the useful properties of algae for long-term space flight, discovered a natural strain of algae that produced high levels of DHA omega-3. As a result of this research, products such as DHAgold were developed, providing a sustainable product that is naturally fish-free.  Harvested domestically, the algae is grown in large stainless steel fermenters at a cGMP, FDA-inspected facility and is free of ocean-borne or environmental contaminants.

A little known fact is that ocean fish cannot produce omega-3 fatty acids like DHA on their own. They get it from algae through the food chain.

DHAgold™ - a sustainable DHA animal feed ingredient

DHAgold is a dried, whole-cell algae ingredient that provides a sustainable way to enrich animal feed and pet consumables.DHAgold contains a minimum of 17% DHA and is easy to include in a range of feed, pet food, supplement and treat formulations.